Our top 5 articles of 2016

Last year we published a multitude of insight articles covering current and upcoming topics across the major sectors: gas & LNG, upstream, downstream, oilfield services, and global energy demand. Below are the year’s five most popular articles, based on visits to this website.


New LNG markets to carry future growth in demand

February 2016 | While stagnating demand in traditional LNG markets may indeed be today’s reality, new and recently opened LNG markets are key to the growth in demand that producers will be hoping to see in the coming years.


US crude exports ban lifted: the implications for crude pricing

February 2016 | At the end of 2015, the US congress fully liberalized exports of all grades of US crude oil, removing obstacles to market based flows and pricing. In this insight article, we examine the implications of this liberalization for crude pricing.


The state of crude prices: markets likely to remain oversupplied well into 2017

April 2016 | Under current conditions, it is unlikely that the crude oil market will return to a sustainable supply-demand equilibrium for at least another 24 to 36 months without a radical shift in OPEC behavior.


The drivers of global energy demand growth to 2050

June 2016 | Structural changes in the energy market are dragging down growth in demand, while a drive towards a lower carbon future, changes in consumer behavior, and technological innovation are shifting supply emphasis towards renewables.


Why has light tight oil production proven so resilient in the Permian?

September 2016 | The Permian basin has been extraordinarily resilient in the face of crashing oil prices due to a combination of operators' financial health and high resource upside, making it the leading growth engine for the US LTO industry.

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