Navigate the energy transition until 2050.

Energy Demand Intelligence (EDI) is a specialist unit within Energy Insights that focuses on forecasting the evolution of energy demand until 2050. Our expertise allows you to answer the most specific questions about energy demand, and therefore helps you rethink your business model with better investment, risk management, and growth strategies.

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Energy Demand Model

The Energy Demand Model is a proprietary tool developed by Energy Insights with collaboration from the wider McKinsey community. It projects the expected evolution of energy demand by sector and energy source up to 2050 based on macro-economic drivers, such as population and GDP growth, as well as sector-specific drivers.


Energy transition: mission (im)possible for industry?

October 2017 | The Dutch industrial sector can lower its carbon dioxide emissions by 60% in 2040 and by 80-95% by 2050, in line with the EU’s goals, by creating, refining, and applying new processes, technologies, and feedstocks on a large scale.


New reality: electric trucks and their implications on energy demand

September 2017 | This article explores how fully-electric trucks could capture a significant share of sales as early as 2030 and the impact this would have on energy markets.

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