Custom energy market analysis and forecasting to answer every "what if."

We empower energy players and investors with a deeper understanding of oil and gas markets. We turn data into tailored forecasts and scenario simulations based on your needs, so you can roll out your strategy faster with more confidence.


Stay ahead of your market.

By understanding the trends that shape your industry, you can better identify opportunities and mitigate unecessary risk. Our suite of over 20 interrelated models allows us to not only identify these macro trends but also get extremely granular depending on the requirement.


Test drive your own scenarios.

Our standard perspectives cover four potential scenarios spanning from best to worst case, with our reference case serving as the "most likely" scenario. Scenario planning allows us to run alternate scenarios, tailored to your own view on the market. We run your inputs through our tools and models to deliver a perspective that is entirely your own, custom-fit to your strategy.

Support your position with confidence

Use Energy Insights’ tailor-made market analysis to assess your base case scenario.

Roll out your business plan faster

Get custom insights from a credible source to refine your mid- and long-term strategy.

Look at best and worst case scenarios

Assess your company positioning against different market scenarios.

Find hidden market opportunities

Spot trends and identify future dynamics that will benefit your business.

Speak to an expert about our market forecasting and analysis solutions. 

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