Helping offshore operators identify and capture sustainable improvements in performance

We believe that high-quality performance benchmarks are vital to deliver and sustain safe, reliable and efficient production operations. They provide operators with an objective assessment of comparative performance and an insight into the major areas for improvement at asset and company level.
After the enormous changes in the industry environment over the last 3 years, we help you answer these critical questions:

"How does the performance of my portfolio compare to others?"

"What constitutes top performance, and whom can I learn from?"

"What are the specific opportunities within my portfolio?"

"How can I capture and sustain improvements in these areas? "

The gold standard in data coverage

The extensive proprietary database that underpins McKinsey’s Offshore Operations benchmark provides more than 20 years of operator performance insight from a broad, deep, set of global assets and includes:

Truly global reach

Approaching 200 offshore assets operated by more than 30 companies across the Americas, Asia, Middle East, North Sea and Africa, covering 19 million barrels per day of production

All peer groups

Asset types range from fixed platforms to TLPs, from HPHT to heavy oil, from start-up to late life. Operators range from the Majors, to single-asset independents, and many of the world’s National Oil Companies

An agile and efficient approach that delivers practical insight

Our benchmarking solution pulls from a deep pool of global data and insights. However, it is also carefully calibrated and tailored to the specifics of your individual assets. Normalizing for difference between the operating environments around the world, we quantify the opportunity so that you get a prioritized list of opportunities to reach top quartile performance. We tell you the value-at-stake and give you the granularity you need to select the right improvement levers, measure the right metrics, and set the best targets. An agile and efficient approach…

Normalize asset types

Based on asset size, complexity of equipment and process, technology, and maturity (our own McKinsey’s Cost Intensity index or ‘MCI’)

Adjust for differences

In regulations and operating environment

Group assets with peers

According to regions and asset types

Calculate each asset’s Maximum Production Potential

To avoid discrepancies in methodologies across operators and regions

In-depth data that comprehensively measures performance across operators

We will give you tailored insights and action-oriented recommendations on your assets that have carefully taken into account any structural differences. You will quickly compare your production operations against your peers, against best in class and identify new ways to improve your performance. Specific insights include:

A core quantitative engine

Data fuels our engine, which evaluates, ranks, and provides trends on four main areas: safety, cost, efficiency, and reliability.


Tailored, modularized deep dives

In addition to our core quantitative engine, we can give you even more data on other areas important to your business.



Participant Ranking summary

Staffing levels and performance gaps

Maintenance practices assessment

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