EDI Community is your free online platform for global energy demand and CO2 emissions forecasts to 2050.

Energy Demand Intelligence (EDI) Community provides research analysts, consultants, and finance and strategy managers with free access to McKinsey’s data and forecasts on global energy demand and greenhouse-gas emissionsall through a user-friendly online app.


Comprehensive data split by 8 regions, 7 energy sources, and 4 sectors

McKinsey industry-leading expertise available at the touch of a button

Exportable charts and data for instant use in models and presentations


Instantly visualize key trends.

Create tailored views on primary energy demand, final consumption, and emissions in just a few clicks. EDI Community provides you with a well-displayed, intuitive platform to help you quickly identify key trends shaping the energy transition.


Export data and graphs in your preferred format.

No matter what data or charts you’re using, you can seamlessly export everything for instant use in your models and presentations. You can either export them as an image, download to Excel, or copy everything to the clipboard.


Enrich and refine your own perspective.

Strengthen your views on the future with granular and reliable data that enables more informed decisions on business planning, investment decisions, and risk mitigation.

"EDI Community empowers me with data mining and discovery, moving me away from the copious time spent in the data model structure, on to the insights."

Geoffrey Lakings
Strategist, Tailored Market Intelligence

Powered by the best people.

Bram Smeets

Solution Manager

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Bram leads the McKinsey EDI team. He has been with McKinsey for over 5 years, specializing in Big Data. He holds a PhD in Energy Economics.

Ying Li

Senior Analyst, Power

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Ying focuses on power system planning and operation modeling and analysis. Her expertise is reinforced by her work at Shell as a PhD researcher.

Matt Frank


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Matt is a Specialist with expertise in energy markets, economics and public policy. He joined McKinsey after five years at the International Energy Agency.

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