Overview of current sales performance and market share, with a demand outlook across product and service lines.

The Sales Performance Assessment service helps operators and companies in the oilfield services sector better understand and capitalize on market supply and demand fundamentals. The assessment provides analysis on current sales performance including monthly or quarterly reports on addressable market and market share for each product line, as well as a view on current customer activity in each basin to aid in improving sales performance. The offering benefits from:

  • A real-time snapshot of market performance that can help inform sales strategy, particularly in this challenging oil price cycle
  • Accurate views on current activity driven by our expertise and proprietary market forecasting tools
  • In-depth interviews with a wide network of internal and external industry experts who provide objective insight into buying behavior.

Case example

Client context

A US oilfield equipment manufacturer saw significant decline in sales following the collapse in oil price. However, they suspected the decline was in excess of the decrease in their addressable market. The client wanted to monitor their addressable market and understand their market share performance at a basin level in order to assist their sales organization in pinpointing available opportunities.


The clients retained our Sales Performance Assessment service to better understand their addressable market, obtain an independent view on customer buying behavior, and more accurately identify the most active potential customers. In order to do so, we provided the following:

  • Regularly updated reports with estimated market share, calculated using bespoke analytics
  • Independent view on customer buying behavior, which we created leveraging our extensive expert network
  • List of E&Ps most active in each basin to help better target sales outreach.


The regular updates we provided became fundamental to the client’s strategy, helping them focus efforts on the right clients in the right basins, and ultimately increase sales volumes.

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