We help clients navigate the North American oil and gas landscape.

Our North America Onshore offerings generate proprietary short- and long-term perspectives of supply and demand. We develop forecasts on growth and activity so clients can improve performance and plan for every “what-if” scenario. Whether you are an operator, oilfield services player, royalties and minerals company, or a financial institution, our products and services are specifically designed to support comprehensive evaluations and critical strategic decisions.

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OFS Demand Projections

Demand projections for specific oilfield service segments under different oil price scenarios.



Sales Performance Assessment

Overview of current sales performance and market share, with an outlook for demand across product and service lines.


Voice of the Customer

Insight into selection criteria for a specific product or service and benchmark of your performance across the criteria versus competitors.



Well Performance Benchmark

Outside-in assessment of well performance including production, drilling time, and completion design.


Basin Competitiveness Report

A ranking of unconventional basins and sub-basins based on well economics (i.e., breakeven costs), production, and remaining drillable reserves.


Fueled by a powerful modelling tool

Our North American Supply Model (NASM) forecasts oil, gas and NGL production and drilling activity for the United States and Canada on a sub-basin level up to 2030.

The unique service is built on a granular understanding of local production dynamics, bundled with the deep market understanding of McKinsey’s expert practitioner network in the North American oil and gas, power, chemicals, and mining sectors. The NASM consists of interdependent modules that jointly generate the supply outlook:

Integrated, bottom-up modeling

Proprietary tools

Custom scenario planning

Flexible delivery

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