Energy demand growth is quickly accelerating in Asia, while global growth slows to a 100-year low. This free webinar will cover key disruptors in local energy systems with expert commentary.


The webinar will explore critical questions at the forefront of the transition:

  • How will Asia energy trends differ vs. global ones?
  • What are the main differences in energy outlook across sub-regions in Asia?
  • What is 'beyond the peak' in oil demand?
  • What will be the role of gas in the energy mix?
  • What is the growth outlook for renewables in Asia? 
  • What will be the impact of battery storage on the energy mix? 
  • How rapid will the uptake be in electric vehicles across sub-regions?
  • What investments will be required and what are possible opportunities to monitor?

About the GEP App

These insights are based upon the GEP App, a cloud-based platform that allows users to create, test and analyze multiple custom scenarios, drawing on sectors and product data across 145 countries. 

With access to our bottom-up global energy demand model, the app gives users an agile environment to predict how local and global influences will interact with existing projections. 

A detailed methodology defines how fundamental drivers such as economic growth and population expansion, combined with key developments like efficiency improvements and fuel shifts, will drive the evolution of energy demand. 


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Presenter profiles

Bram Smeets

Solution Leader and Associate Partner at McKinsey Energy Insights

Bram is an Associate Partner at McKinsey Energy Insights (MEI). As Head of Content for the Global Energy Perspective, he establishes outlooks on future energy systems with a focus on energy demand and power generation. He led the establishment of the power model and serves clients in a broad range of sectors, including power, financial institutions, national governments and oil and gas. Before joining MEI, Bram worked at Ecofys, a sustainable energy consultancy, and he holds a Ph.D. in energy economics.

Jerry van Houten

Specialist at McKinsey Energy Insights

Jerry is a Specialist at McKinsey Energy Insights, where he advises on the impact of the energy transition, with a strong focus on power systems and technologies. He led the development of the GEP Power Model and serves clients at major energy companies, national governments and large investors on a range of topics along the electricity sector's value chain. Prior to joining McKinsey, Jerry analyzed power and carbon markets at Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

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