Russia and FSU refineries

Country Refinery Owner Distillation capacity (Kb/d)
Azerbaijan Baku Socar 147
Belarus Mozyr JSC Mozyr (Rosneft/Gazprom) 240
Novopolotsk Naftan 240
Bulgaria Bourgas Lukoil 196
Kazakhstan Atyrau KazMunaiGaz 100
Pavlodar KazMunaiGaz 93
Shymkent PetroKazakhstan (Kazmunaigaz/CNPC) 104
Kyrgyzstan Dzhalalabad Kyrgoil 10
Romania Midia Rompetrol 100
Petrobrazi Petrom(OMV) 89
Ploiesti Lukoil 51
Russia Achinsk Rosneft 150
Afipsky Neftegaz 120
Angarsk Rosneft 204
Khabarovsk Alliance 100
Kichuyi Tatneft 8
Kirishi Surgutneftegaz 430
Kogalym Lukoil 7
Komsomolsk Rosneft 160
Krasnodar Antey 62
Makhachkala Rosneft 4
Moscow Gazprom/Tatneft 244
Niszhnevartovsk Rosneft 30
Nizhnekamsk TAIF (Tatneft) 160
Nizhnekamsk Taneco (Tatneft) 140
Nizhny Novgorod Lukoil 337
Novo Kubishev Rosneft 176
Novo Ufa Rosneft 142
Nyagan Rosneft 6
Omsk Gazprom 442
Orsk Russneft 133
Perm Lukoil 262
Ryazan Rosneft 376
Salavat Gazprom 200
Samara Rosneft 141
Saratov Rosneft 142
Strezhevoy Rosneft 4
Syzran Rosneft 177
Tarasovskoye Rosneft 2
Tomsk Tomsk 3
Tuapse Rosneft 240
Tyumen Antipinsky 180
Ufa Rosneft 192
Ufaneftekhim Rosneft 191
Ukhta Lukoil 80
Volgograd Lukoil 290
Yakutsk Yakutsk 3
Yanos Slavneft (Rosneft/Gazprom) 304
Yaroslavl Slavneft (Rosneft/Gazprom) 9
Yoshkar Ola Mari El 27
Turkmenistan Chardzou Turkmenneftgas 121
Turkmenbashi Turkmenneftgas 117
Ukraine Drogobich Ukraine Oil 72
Kremenchug Ukrtatnafta 374
Lisichansk Rosneft 144
Nadvirna Ukrtatnafta 80
Odessa Vetek 57
Uzbekistan Alty Arik Uzbekneftegaz 66
Bukhara Uzbekneftegaz 50
Fergana Uzbekneftegaz 106

SOURCE: Company websites

The Refinery Reference Desk includes content derived from our industry experts as well as from public data sources such as company websites. Nothing herein is intended to serve as investment advice. This material is based on information that we believe to be reliable and adequately comprehensive, but we do not represent that such information is in all respects accurate or complete. McKinsey Energy Insights does not accept any liability for any losses resulting from use of the content.

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