Latin American refineries

Country Refinery Owner Distillation capacity (Kb/d)
Argentina Bahia Blanca Pampa 31
Buenos Aires Shell 108
Campana Axion 87
Campo Duran Refinor (Pampa/Pluspetrol/YPF) 32
La Plata YPF 206
Lujan de Cuyo YPF 110
Plaza Huincul YPF 25
  San Lorenzo DAPSA 50
Bolivia Cochabamba YPFB 41
  Santa Cruz de la Sierra YPFB 20
Brazil LUBNOR Petrobras 9
RECAP Petrobras 54
REDUC Petrobras 282
REFAP Petrobras 201
REGAP Petrobras 158
REMAN Petrobras 46
REPAR Petrobras 208
REPLAN Petrobras 415
REVAP Petrobras 262
Rio de Janeiro Manguinhos 14
Rio Grande do Sul Ipiranga 17
RLAM Petrobras 323
RNEST Petrobras 74
RPBC Petrobras 177
  RPCC Petrobras 38
Chile Aconcagua ENAP 104
BioBio ENAP 116
  Gregorio ENAP 16
Colombia Apiay Ecopetrol 6
Barrancabermeja Ecopetrol 232
Orito Ecopetrol 6
  REFICAR Ecopetrol 165
Costa Rica Limon RECOPE 25
Cuba Cabaiguan CuPetro 2
Cienfuegos CuPetro/PDVSA 65
Habana CuPetro 40
  Santiago CuPetro 25
Dominican Republic Bonao Falconbridge 16
Ecuador Esmeraldas Petroecuador 110
La Libertad Petroecuador 46
  Shushufindi Petroecuador 20
El Salvador Acajutla Puma (Trafigura/Sonangol) 22
Jamaica Kingston Petrojam (PDVSA) 36
Martinique Fort de France Raffinerie des Antilles (Total) 17
Mexico Cadereyta Pemex 275
Madero Pemex 190
Minatitlan Pemex 240
Salamanca Pemex 250
Salina Cruz Pemex 330
  Tula Pemex 315
Netherlands Antilles Isla PDVSA 320
Nicaragua Managua Puma (Trafigura/Sonangol) 20
Paraguay Villa Elisa PetroPar 8
Peru Conchan Petroperu 14
Iquitos Petroperu 11
La Pampilla Repsol 117
Pucallpa Maple Energy 4
  Talara Petroperu 62
Suriname Wanica District Staatsolie 15
Trinidad & Tobago Pointe a Pierre PetroTrin 175
Uruguay La Teja Montevideo ANCAP 50
Venezuela Amuay/Cardon PDVSA 955
Bajo Grande PDVSA 16
El Palito PDVSA 140
Puerto la Cruz PDVSA 187
  San Roque PDVSA 5

SOURCE: Company websites

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