Canada refineries

Province Refinery Owner Distillation capacity (Kb/d)
Alberta Edmonton Suncor 142
Lloydminster Husky 29
Scotford Shell 100
Strathcona Imperial (ExxonMobil) 191
British Columbia Burnaby Parkland 55
Prince George Husky 12
New Brunswick St. John Irving 301
Newfoundland Come By Chance North Atlantic 115
Ontario Nanticoke Imperial (ExxonMobil) 114
Sarnia Imperial (ExxonMobil) 119
Sarnia Shell 77
Sarnia Suncor 85
Quebec Montreal Suncor 137
Quebec City Valero 265
Saskatchewan Regina Consumers' Co-op 135
SOURCE: Company websites

Tim Fitzgibbon (12/2018)

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