McKinsey Energy Insights debuts Energy Demand Intelligence tool

London, UK, 26 January 2016

McKinsey Energy Insights (MEI), the analytics specialist that provides distinctive insight and support to the global energy industry, has launched the Energy Demand Intelligence (EDI) Community tool. The innovative platform – which offers free access to McKinsey’s latest data and insights online – enables organizations to forecast primary and final energy demand (after transformation and distribution) and CO2 emissions based on MEI business-as-usual scenario and variables for specific regions, fuels or sectors.

Developed with McKinsey’s global network of energy experts, data analysts and the McKinsey Global Institute, the platform uses inputs from 139 countries, 22 sectors and 55 energy sources. In one intuitive interface, market analysts, as well as finance and strategy managers within energy, get access to outlooks developed and refined over the course of 5 years by an in-house team of analysts, product managers and software developers. This platform – which includes access to related insights – enables companies to instantly access data and quickly build analyses to make more informed decisions about their business.

Bram Smeets, Solution Manager of McKinsey Energy Insights, says: “The energy system is transitioning at an unprecedented speed. Shifting demographics, a redistribution of economic growth, technological progress and climate change policies are all shaping our energy future. In response, decision makers are compelled to rethink their investment strategies to better manage risks and capture growth opportunities.

“EDI Community is more than a forecasting tool. It offers up-to-date data and access to MEI’s base-case scenario – saving users valuable time in their everyday work and strategy building. In today’s uncertain market, a global and granular perspective on the evolution of energy demand to 2050 is needed for companies to navigate with confidence.”


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Explore the drivers of energy demand with EDI Community


About McKinsey Energy Insights

Energy Insights, a specialist analytics unit within McKinsey, provides distinctive analysis, insights, and support to energy players.

Energy Insights’ dedicated specialists apply proprietary tools and methodologies and a data-driven approach. With its strong ties with McKinsey’s oil and gas consulting practice and collaborations with the wider McKinsey network, its research and analysis yield knowledge available nowhere else.

They have over 100 dedicated specialists, across London, Houston, Singapore, Amsterdam and Wroclaw and an extended network, as part of McKinsey & Company, of over 500 energy specialists, in 105 offices across the globe.

Focused on integrating market insight with analytics, Energy Insights combines McKinsey’s industry knowledge and expertise with rigorous analytics delivered in market outlooks and cloud-based analytics software, bespoke scenario planning, and performance improvement programs.

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