LNGFlow April Scorecard

April 2018 | Ewa Janiszewska-Kiewra

LNG Market Highlights

The LNG market has grown by 6-7% y-o-y (primarily driven by China) absorbing most of the expected LNG surplus. In the first quarter of 2018, LNG demand expanded by 2% (Mar-17 to Mar-18 vs Jan-17 to Jan-18). LNG supply was below expectations in March and April, driven by PNG LNG forced shutdown as a consequence of an earthquake. Shipping operations were restarted in mid-April following a 7-week outage.

LNGFlow Scorecard


LNGFlow allows you to track the global LNG fleet on a daily basis, analyze supply and demand balances and assess LNG plants and terminals performance.

About the authors

Ewa Janiszewska-Kiewra is a Solution Manager in McKinsey's Wroclaw office.

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