TEPPCO pipeline

Also known as: Texas Eastern Product pipeline, Little Big Inch pipeline, Enterprise Products Pipeline System

TEPPCO pipeline makes up most of the Enterprise Products Pipeline System that moves refined products from the Gulf Coast to the Upper Midwest (Illinois and Indiana).


TEPPCO includes 3,423 miles of product pipeline running from the Gulf Coast of Texas to Eastern Indiana.

  • 20" line with capacity to move 230 thousand barrels/day of LPG and gasoline from Houston to the Midwest
  • 14/16" line with capacity to move 110 thousand barrels/day of middle distillates (diesel and jet fuel) and gasoline from Houston to the Midwest


TEPPCO was originally developed by the US Government in World War II as two pipelines moving crude and product from the Gulf Coast to the Upper Midwest and North East. 

  • 1944 - Original two lines were constructed and put into service: 24" Big Inch line moving crude from East Texas to Illinois and 20" Little Big Inch moving product from the Gulf Coast to Illinois and east to New York
  • 1947 - Acquired by Texas Eastern and converted to natural gas service
  • 1958 - Little Big Inch converted back to product service
  • 1989 - Acquired by Panhandle Eastern
  • 1990 - Refined products line spun off as TEPPCO MLP
  • 2005 - General partner of TEPPCO MLP acquired by Enterprise Products
  • 2009 - Merged into Enterprise Products Pipeline System
  • 2013 - Northeastern part of system re-purposed to move ethane, limiting product service to Eastern Indiana destinations

Author: Tim Fitzgibbon, Refining Industry Sr. Expert

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