Ole Rolser

Senior Solution Leader, Global Energy Perspective

Ole manages the operations of MEI's Global Energy Perspective (GEP), leading the work on energy demand forecasting across fuels, industries and regions.


Ole Rolser is the Senior Solution Leader of McKinsey Energy Insights (MEI)’s Global Energy Perspective. Before joining MEI, Ole was an Associate Partner in McKinsey & Company's Oil & Gas practice focusing on gas topics ranging from strategy and marketing to operating model and regulatory strategy. In his previous role, Ole already evaluated the competitiveness and development of different energy sources drawing on more than 10 years of experience in European and global energy markets. Besides his COO role for GEP, Ole continues to work with our clients on their strategic questions and develops our client and product offerings.

Ole holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration and Finance from the University of Ulm, Germany.


McKinsey & Company
Associate Partner
Engagement Manager

Booz & Company


University of Ulm
MA, Business Administration and Finance


Energy Demand

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